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Davi Millsaps dazzles hometown crowd in atlanta

February 26th 2013

By Aaron Hansel on 26 February 2013 in SX

We caught up with Davi Millsaps to get a quick take on another great ride in Atlanta.
With the 2013 supercross series roughly at the halfway point, one man, Davi Millsaps, has performed hands down better than any other rider. An absolute model of consistency so far, Millsaps has only missed the podium once, has a pair of race wins and boasts an outstanding average finish rate of 2.25. As a result, he currently holds a significant 22-point lead over defending champ Ryan Villopoto. At his hometown race of Atlanta, Millsaps kept the party going by winning his heat race and taking third on an extremely technical and slick track.

How was the race?
I didn’t get the greatest start and had to work my way through some people. I ended up getting third, but I had Justin Barcia on my tail the whole time. If I could have minimized the mistakes I was making that would have helped a little bit, but all in all, it was good because I really haven’t had that many days of good riding in the last couple weeks due to being sick and the rain and weather. So now it’s time to go back, put my head down and keep moving forward.

Davi Millsaps tastes more champagne in Atlanta © Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool

You had Barcia on your tail there, but for a while you were definitely closing on Ryan Villopoto. How hard was it to focus on that when you had pressure from behind at the same time?
It was definitely hard. I had no idea where he was going, and kept on making little mistakes and I didn’t know if he was going to capitalize on those mistakes. I was just pushing hard to try to catch the front guys and make it a three-way battle. It would have been a fun race! But I never got close enough to really do anything.

"I was worrying about them instead of myself, and that’s where I ran into problems."

When you were getting close to Villopoto, were you thinking you could get him, or were you just waiting to see what would happen?
I was just riding. The track was slick and I was tired of making mistakes, and I was just trying to hit my markers and click off good laps. I was worrying about them instead of myself, and that’s where I ran into problems tonight. But I won my heat, and I had a good main event to get on the podium again, so all in all, a good weekend.


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